First Chiropractic visit

Initial Consultation
When you arrive at the clinic for your Initial Consultation, we will ask you to fill out a confidential new patient information form.  This will ask you various questions including basic information like your full name, address and date of birth.  Then it asks you about your medical history, operations you've had, any accidents you have been involved in and what the main problems are that you would like us to address.

If you are covered by a health insurance policy and intend to claim for your treatment, please ensure that you provide us with the details at the time of your first visit. Some policies require you to pay and claim back from the insurance company, while others allow us to invoice them directly.  We are happy to use either method.

Once you have completed the form, your chiropractor will discuss the information with you before carrying out your examination.  The examination involves a detailed look at your muscle, joint and nerve function as well as posture.  It may also include a health assessment to check things like your blood pressure.  Your chiropractor may feel that it is necessary to take x-rays of any problem areas before being able to decide on the best options for your treatment.  If this is the case, x-rays would normally be taken during your Initial Consultation.  As we have on-site x-ray facilities, there is no need to wait weeks or months for the results - we will develop them the same day so that your chiropractor can take you through his findings within a day or two.

Whether or not you are treated on your first visit depends on the complexity of your problem, how long your examination takes and whether x-rays are needed.

There is no need to worry about what to wear for the examination.  We will give you a patient gown to change into.  During treatment sessions, there is no need to change in most cases.  You can wear your normal clothes.

Report of Findings
After the Initial Consultation, we will invite you back for what we call a "Report of Findings".  This can be as soon as the following day.  During this session, your chiropractor will explain your condition to you in greater detail and, if you didn't start treatment in your first visit, you can start at this stage.

Before you commit to starting treatment, your chiropractor will always tell you what he thinks he can do for you and what that means in terms of treatment.  That way, you will know what the costs and timescales are likely to be and avoid any surprises.

We want to make sure that you are fully informed about your condition and treatment, and we really encourage you to ask any questions you have at any stage during your treatment.

Your Second Visit
Once all information has been collected and examinations have been carried out, your Chiropractor will give you your 'Report of Findings' to answer the three most popular questions:

1. Can you help me?

2. How long will it take?

3. How much will it cost?

After discussing your history & goals examining your spine and other soft tissue related areas and reviewing any x-rays or tests, your Chiropractor will discuss recommendations with you.

If you have a condition that requires care with other providers the doctor will tell you. If your Chiropractor believes we can help you, we will recommend treatment and a wellness programme.


In order for your body to work at its best you need to create that perfect environment in which your body will heal itself. This may include the following; maintaining healthy posture, a properly aligned spine, balanced nervous system eating a healthy diet taking supplements, keeping your weight under control drinking plenty of water, reducing stress and taking regular exercise.


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