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Simon Garstin - Doctor of Chiropractic

Simon graduated from the world-renowned Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in 2002 with a Masters in Chiropractic. Since then, he has worked in Bracknell, Twickenham and Chiswick as an associate chiropractor, before setting up Park Street Chiropractic with his brother James in 2005.

Simon's special interests in chiropractic include sports injury treatment and prevention, spinal and other joint rehabilitation, and certain neurological conditions. He completed a second masters degree in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation in 2013 for which he was awarded the "Graham Heale Award" for the highest academic performance in the postgraduate programme at the AECC.

Simon was introduced to chiropractic as a teenager when he was suffering from a number of injuries relating to playing rugby and competing in Judo and other martial arts. Facing having to give up the things he enjoyed the most, he sought the help of a family chiropractor who got him back on track and even fitter and stronger than he was before. This led him to investigate a career in chiropractic and the rest, as they say, is history! Having had regular adjustments ever since, he feels he is in the best shape of his life, more than 20 years since his chiropractic journey began!

What he enjoys most about his practice life is the constant interaction with a wide variety of people - he believes that if a chiropractor ever gets bored with their work then they are probably missing something!

Simon is registered with the General Chiropractic Council and with AXA PPP and most other major health insurance providers.


Abbie Davis - Doctor of Chiropractic

Abbie graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC) in South Wales with a first class honours degree and a Masters in Chiropractic.  She joined the Park Street Family in July 2015.

Abbie had her first experience of chiropractic at the age of 8 after sustaining a dancing injury and was amazed at how the "healing hands" of the chiropractor worked so effectively to get her dancing again, without having to have any medications, injections or other unpleasant experiences.  She knew very quickly that a career in chiropractic was the way for her to go and by her early teens had her mind set in that direction.

She had a further experience of back injury in her first year of college when she sustained damage to one of the discs in her lower back. Thankfully, she was in the right place to get the help she needed and to this day she keeps her spinal health maintained by having regular chiropractic adjustments and looking after her back properly.  Her experiences with her own problems make her ideally placed to understand what her patients are going through and to offer the advice and care that they need to thrive again.

Abbie is loving her new life living and working in the Midlands, especially in beautiful Leamington Spa and has become a very treasured member of the team and we know that her patients love her as much as we do!


Judith Jones - Practice Manager

Judith took over as clinic manager in July 2010. She has extensive experience with customer service, having worked as a BT telephonist for 15 years, before starting her family. She went on to work as a telephonist and receptionist at Warwick Hospital, a role she performed for 6 years. She has also worked as a supervisor and administrator for a local cleaning company.

We originally met Judith in the early part of 2006 when she came to see us as a patient, so she is fully aware of the misery that back problems and other aches and pains can cause. She knows only too well what our patients are going through, making her an ideal choice as we strive to offer the best possible care to the people in our community.

As the practice manager, Judith is the "backbone" of our team (sorry, we couldn't resist that one...) and she is dedicated to maintaining our high standards and keeping us all in line!


Mandy Hodgekins - Clinic Assistant

Mandy Joined our team in March 2014 having worked in the health system in private and NHS hospitals as well as a GP surgery.  This has given her a great understanding of how to best serve people in a healthcare environment.  She was delighted to join us at Park Street as the friendly and caring approach we take fits exactly with her ethos of patient or customer care.

More than her prior experience, which is extensive, it is the way that she approaches her work with care, kindness and a great dose of humour that has made her such a valued part of our little family.  When Mandy's around there is always a sense of fun and a lot of laughter, which we think really adds to the healing environment that we have worked so hard to create.

If you come to the practice when Mandy is working you'll see exactly what we're talking about!


Cassie Nicolini - Clinic Assistant

Cassie also joined us in March 2015.  Until soon before joining us she was involved in her family's restaurant in Leamington Spa so she knows all too well how to handle busy situations!  It has also given her the experience to offer great ideas about how we can improve certain aspects of our service at Park Street, all adding to the overall experience for our valued patients.

When Cassie is on reception you're guaranteed to be greeted with her warm and friendly manner, as well as her wicked sense of humour!  Our patients often remark at how much they enjoy the interaction with Cassie, and watching her take the mickey out of Simon (which is a frequent occurrence)!


our-team-munchkinsOliver and Freya - Munchkins by day, superheroes by night...

Oliver and Freya are Simon's children and can often be seen around the practice. If you hear lots of noise and a fair bit of crashing around, that's probably them! We find that mint imperials and iPads seem to keep them quiet…[/span6] [/row]

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