Royal Rest Standard Foam Pillow


Our most popular pillow and made from a different, lighter type of foam from the memory foam pillows, the Royal Rest Standard Foam Pillow is made up of two different materials - a soft, supportive outer layer of foam and two firmer foam cores within the contoured sections. This means that your neck has more support where needed and the head is allowed to drop down and you maintain the natural curve of your spine.

These pillows are a great option if you are looking for a good quality orthopaedic pillow on a budget.

Sleep on either your back or your side in total comfort with the Royal Rest Memory Foam Pillow. All pillows come with a cotton (90%) and polyester (10%) pillowcase shaped to fit the pillow.

The pillow can be washed by hand and the pillowcase is machine washable.

Size: 51 cm x 39 cm Low side 12 ½ cm High side 15 ½ cm

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