What do we treat?

Neck pain
Problems in the neck cause a variety of aches and pains, from tension and muscle spasms to headaches or pain in the arms. Muscles in the neck can even cause referred pain to the jaw, and certain cases of dizziness are caused by neck problems. If you've got problems with tight muscles, aches and pains, headaches or any other problem around the neck, we can find out where the problem comes from and help you to sort it out. Many of these conditions respond well to manual treatments! We use a combination of manipulation, mobilisation, massage, dry needling, soft tissue release techniques, exercises and home advice to offer you a complete package of care tailored to your specific problem.

Shoulder pain
If you've got a problem with your shoulder then you won't need us to tell you how restrictive it can be. As one of the most used joints of the body it puts up with a lot of strain, whether you're a plumber, a builder or an office worker. Our job is to help you get it corrected before it really gets in the way of your life (or particularly if it already has!) and teach you how to keep it that way. A detailed examination is always necessary due to the complexity of the shoulder, and one of the most useful approaches is a structured exercise program that enables you to help yourself get better. Research also shows that hands-on treatment can also be an effective intervention for shoulder problems, particularly when combined with exercises and home advice.

Upper and mid back pain
Aches and pains in the mid back area can be caused by a variety of problems. We identify causes ranging from poor posture to curvature of the spine (scoliosis). As you will have noticed, that pest called gravity has a habit of pulling us forward and putting undue strain on the joints and muscles. You may have even found that it gets to the point when sitting up straight is not comfortable. We can help you to strengthen the right muscles so you are more able to sit properly throughout the day. Pains in the mid-back area generally do very well with the treatment and advice that we provide.

Elbow, wrist and hand pain
In this modern era when most of us spend all day sitting at our desks or driving, or working with various tools or machinery, we occasionally give our elbows or wrists a bit too much to do. Wrist and elbow problems are becoming more common as we spend more time doing such things, and they can become very problematic indeed. Problems like tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries can be alleviated and prevented, particularly by dealing with the activities that have caused them. We will look in detail at what you do every day, in order to find the best solution to your problem both short and long term. We consider whether your case is likely to respond to our treatment and will send you to the appropriate health care provider if we feel that we can't help.

Lower back pain
Lower back conditions are by far the most frequent problems that we come across. If you have a pain in your lower back then it's pretty likely that we've seen problems just like it before! We can help you with conditions like stiff joints, muscle spasms and trapped nerves (especially sciatica), many of which can cause pain to spread up the back, into the groin or down the leg, sometimes into the foot. We have a number of specific tests that we can do to be sure what the exact problem is. We understand how debilitating these things can be, and our primary aim is to get you back to taking part in sport, playing with your grandchildren, or whatever your passion in life happens to be. "I just live with it" is a banned phrase in our clinic!

Leg pain
Although many pains in the leg can be due to the back, not all of them are. If you are suffering with pain in your hip or thigh, then it's possible that the joints or muscles around this area are not working properly. Sometimes the only warning sign that these problems give is a bit of stiffness, perhaps while putting on socks or shoes. Even if you know that you have wear and tear (osteoarthritis) around your hip, it is likely that we could do a lot to help you. We may use manual treatment or we may decide on exercises, orthotics, or onward referral if we think we can't help you.

Knee, ankle and foot pain
The knees and ankles have to put up with large amounts of strain, particularly when running, as they take the entire weight of the body on one side. As a result, problems with the joints often develop quickly, as in sports injuries, or slowly as a result of cumulative stress. If you are having problems with knee or ankle pain, then we can help to ease the tension and irritation, and teach you how to balance the muscles properly. This way we can get you back to your activities as quickly as possible, but also prevent any relapses in the future. We can also provide orthotics (shoe inserts), which have been shown to help in certain cases of foot pain and knee pain, as well as lower back or hip pain.

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