Who can we treat?

From new-born babies to 99 year-olds, chiropractic can help in many ways!

Many patients come to us with problems they have had for many years, often in a great deal of pain.  After a course of treatment, many of these patients report significant improvement and often complete pain relief.

Expectant mums can be treated during pregnancy and we recommend new mums to come in for an examination soon after giving birth as the whole process can take quite a toll on the spine!

Our qualified Paediatric Chiropractor, Anna, treats new-born babies and children of any age.  It is never too early to have your child checked for posture and spinal health.  It is better to know early on if there are any problems.  That way, there is a greater chance of rectifying them or avoiding problems in the future.

Even sports men and women need help from time to time.  We treat a large range of sports injuries and put a strong emphasis on the avoidance of future injuries.  More and more top athletes and sportsmen are turning to chiropractic for these reasons with great success.

To find out whether chiropractic is right for you, book in for a Free Posture Check today!

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