Henry Wong, Doctor of Chiropractic

Henry strongly believes that prevention is better than cure. Prior to entering a career in chiropractic, he witnessed friends and family receiving chiropractic care and was amazed to see the significant benefits to their health. He was inspired by how chiropractic could bring such obvious benefits to the neuromusculoskeletal system from dealing with problems that arise to preventing them in the first place.

Henry loves being a chiropractor and sees it as a wonderful career; helping people out of pain and improving their health gives him such a great sense of satisfaction. It is a blessing to see patients move better and do more of what they love throughout their course of care.

He is very thankful to be working with such a diligent and motivational team, where we all support each other for the benefit of our patients and our community.

Henry is a self-employed provider at Park Street and is able to accept most insurance patients except AXA PPP and BUPA as well as being fully registered with the General Chiropractic Council.